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Axminster Carpet


An Axminster Carpet has always been synonymous with both a quality and luxury form of flooring. Today most carpet is manufactured utilizing the Machine Tufted method (cheaper and faster method of production). Nonetheless, for concerned consumers who priortise quality, durability and luxury an Axminster carpet is still the carpet of choice that fulfills these criteria.

Unlike Machine Tufted carpet an Axminster carpet is woven. Each individual yarn colour that goes to make up the carpet pattern is selected by a gripper and woven with the weft. After the required yarn colour has been woven into the backing it is cut automatically to the required pile height and then reinserted when this colour is next required. The fact that the individual pieces of yarn or tufts of carpet are woven with the weft, demonstrates that an Axminster carpet provides quality, longevity and durability as well as a luxurious feel.


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