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Hand Tufted Carpet

Hand Tufted carpets offer ultimate versatility in terms of color, pattern, size and texture.

It is interesting and exciting as  it presents a possibility of non repeat. Adding on to the thrill is the freehand option of creating different pile heights, (either cut pile or loop pile) adding silk or viscose to the designs or even carving on the patterns to create a truly unique art piece with a 3D effect.

The base material in the hand tufted rugs are pre woven cloth, usually canvas that provides a strong base. In the contemporary times jute base is also frequently used. Pile can be silk, wool or any of the synthetic yarns. They are pre dyed into the required colors. Apart from the base fabric and pile yarn another backing needs to be stuck to the base on which the piles have been anchored. This backing holds the pile to the base and gives certain amount of strength.

To ensure quality is never compromised, we insist on using the best raw materials (eg 100% New Zealand Wool, imported latex glue and dyes), though it adds on to production cost. Nonetheless, this increased cost is rightfully justified with a satisfied clientele.

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