Ploy Regen Carpet is a subsidiary of the Minh Anh International (Singapore) Private Limited, specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of flooring materials.

We invest in numerous manufacturing plants countrywide and we also represent foreign manufacturing plants who are leading manufacturer in their respective type of carpet construction. The type of carpets we could provide includes Hand Tufted Carpet, Axminster Woven Carpet, and Wilton Woven Carpet.

Apart from projects in china, we are also engaged in projects in America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South East Asia through renowned designers, reliable associates and our exclusive networks. We are well reputed for our exceptional designs, development capabilities, prompt delivery schedule, good technical support and excellent after-sales services.

With our vast experience in handling major projects, we are confident in meeting any stringent requirements and providing ingenious creativity imagination for all dimensions.

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