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Why SPC Tiles


The main contents of SPC Tiles Flooring Core are polyvinyl 1 chloride, natural limestone powder and stabilizers. SPC Tiles flooring combines the strength of stone and the beauty of wood with four layers designed to resist wear and retain a luxurious look for decades.


SPC Tiles Flooring features include dimensional stability, waterproofness, indentation resistance against high density core. It can be installed on different types of floor bases- concrete, epoxy, ceramic, or existing flooring.


Its formaldehyde free, and is suitable for residential and commercial applications.



Our SPC tile come with the Wel-Lock™ technology which allows the ties to fit into one another in a unique locking mechanism. This ensures strong locking at the joints and makes installation a quick and effortless process. It also ensures that you get that beautifully seamless lock on the floor. It’s not just a lock, its Wel-lock™.



Our SPC Tiles with FloorNdure™ technology come with solid durability. It has proven to take on the static weight of a Sports Utility Vehicle weighing 1700 kg without having a blemish on it. Incredible isn’t it? With FloorNdure™, our hard flooring really go the distance when it comes to strength and durability.


Our SPC Tiles come with a special coating that eliminates “99.98% virus” when it comes to contact with the surface. Cetified by Biotech Labs, they come with the added benefit of being grout-free which prevents the collection of germs. Perfect flooring for a healthy home.


Floors go through several everyday scratches and scrapes. ScrapeGuard™ technology uses a layer with UV coating on our SPC Tiles, that offers protection to the design underneath from scuffs and scratches meanwhile retaining the look and longevity of the tile. So, you can say goodbye to the everyday scratches and scrapes.


Stains and spills are unavoidable on the floors and some stains can leave behind a permanent mark. But with our StainProtect™ technology, you will leave a lasting impression but not marks. StainProtect™ layer is specially designed to offer superior stain resistance, to keep your floor always clean and sparkling. Now, go and make that splash!

Cushion Backing

Quiet spaces add to our mental comfort & tranquility. With the superior backing technology on our SPC Tiles, experience quieter floors. The IXPE backing applied under the tiles provide acoustic absorption, reducing the feet tapping and providing sound insulation. Talk about Zen flooring!

Certifications & Accreditations


* The information of this specs is subjected to modification for the benefits of further improvement.